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Interview with Jeff Caudill [Gameface, Your Favorite Trainwreck, March]

With the release of his latest 7″ on Revelation Records, we caught up with Jeff Caudill (Gameface, Your Favorite Trainwreck, March) to talk about the record, his friend Jon Bunch (Sense Field, Reason To Believe, Further Seems Forever) and his plans for 2017. The proceeds from the record will all be donated to the Jon Bunch Memorial Fund, and WSR has also decided to donate all proceeds to the JBMF. Pre order the record directly from our webstore here on Teal vinyl and here on Burnt Orange vinyl.

Hi Jeff, how did the idea for this new 7″ come about?
I just wanted to do something more after the ‘Jon Bunch Forever’ benefit concerts, I wanted to continue the charity and keep people thinking about him. It’s more about continuing to celebrate Jon’s music and legacy. Jon was such a huge influence on me from the moment I saw Reason To Believe in the late 80s. I have to admit that I was starstruck even after we became friends in the 90s. Gameface played with Sense Field so many times but every time was something special. The band was just on a higher plane, and Jon’s voice and stage presence was always inspiring. So it’s a big deal to me. There was some initial talk around the shows about a full tribute record but those things are really difficult to manage. I was really proactive about recording and I sent a demo to Jordan at Revelation and Rodney from Sense Field with my idea. I asked about Revelation releasing it and making it a charity for Jon’s son Jack. There wasn’t much convincing to do.

How and when did you first hear Jon’s music?
I believe it was 1987 – when I first started going to punk shows. I can’t remember the exact show. It was probably SNFU, M.I.A., D.I. or some other band with initials for a name. One of the opening bands was Reason To Believe. They were fast and melodic and the singer seemed about 7 feet tall with dreadlocks and was wearing a long shirt that looked like a dress. I was transfixed. I bought their 7″ that night. I even wrote to the band and I remember the letter I got back. It was very kind – from Jon of course.

Why did you choose those two songs, and the Sense Field song in particular?
‘Voice’ is one of my favorite songs – ever. There are tons of great Sense Field songs, and arguably songs that are better than ‘Voice’ but for me the song represents a time, place and feeling that is unmatched. It’s an epic jam, man. And given all that has happened, the song takes on a new meaning for me that is even more powerful even though my version is more introspective and folky. On to the b-side…speaking of incredible voices that have changed my life, Ronnie James Dio is the best there ever was. The albums he did with Black Sabbath in the early 80s are some of the best rock records ever. I felt like the song ‘Wishing Well’ was a fitting partner to ‘Voice’. This one is pretty deconstructed compared to the original.

Do you think we could ever see a compilation album made up of bands who played the Jon Bunch Forever benefit shows?
I know there is a live DVD of the California show in the works. It will include the entire Sense Field set and tons of interviews with all the bands that played that day. Everyone working on it has done such an amazing job. I’m really looking forward to seeing it. I imagine it will also be available soon.

How surprised were you by the reaction to Jon’s death last year from fans, bands and labels all expressing how he had affected and inspired them either personally or professionally?
It was absolutely incredible. I was really moved by how everyone came together to honor him. Both benefit shows were awesome. I talked to so many people that I hadn’t seen in years. It was a really nice way to grieve together but more importantly, celebrate Jon’s music.

What is your favourite track recorded by Jon in any of his various bands?
I honestly can’t pick one. ‘Leia’ and ‘Will’ from the ‘Building’ LP are pretty amazing vocally. And again, hearing them now they take on a whole new meaning. Hard to listen to without tears in my eyes.

What is the current status of Your Favorite Trainwreck, it’s been a couple of years since the debut LP?
I think that record will stand as a one-off. I’m really proud of that album and I loved making a record with my dear friend Popeye, but that was a difficult band to maintain due to all of our schedules and commitments. We caught lightning in a bottle.

What was your favourite record of 2016, and are there any releases that you are particularly looking forward to in 2017?
Two words that make no sense on their own, but when put together they say everything…’Hypercaffium Spazzinate’. Any time you get a new Descendents record, it’s going to be a favorite.  I also really liked ‘The Ride’ by Catfish and the Bottlemen. I don’t even know what’s coming out this year. I’m at the age when keeping up with the new stuff isn’t a priory like it was – plus I like being surprised.

What are your own plans for 2017?
I’m releasing a solo EP in the spring called ‘Reset The Sun’. It’s a 6-song concept record. I’m really excited about it. It was something I had been working on since before Gameface reunited in 2012. I finally had the time to get back on it last year. It’ll be released on vinyl/digital on April 21. After that I’m hoping to get out and play.

Thanks for that Jeff, best of luck with the 7″ and the rest of your plans for 2017. WSR

Follow the link to make a donation directly to the Jon Bunch Memorial Fund.


Jeff Caudill 7

Jeff Caudill - Voice 7

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We Love Polyvinyl Records!!!

It’s no secret that we have been huge fans of Chicago Illinois based label Polyvinyl Records for a lot of years here at WSR. From the release of Braid’s Frame & Canvas LP in 1998, the label has been steadily growing, putting out records by bands such as Japandroids, American Football, Owen, Mates Of State, Of Montreal, Rainer Maria, and Beach Slang among many others. To date, Polyvinyl Records has a roster of over 30 bands, and a catalogue of over 300 releases.

Without further ado here is a list of 21 CD’s on the Polyvinyl Records label, and it’s sister label Joyful Noise, that we have added to the site today. What are you waiting for? Head over to the CD/DVD section of our web store and go check them out now!

Aloha – Light Works CDEP
Architecture In Helsinki – Like It Or Not CDEP
Asobi Seksu – Hush CD
Collection Of Colonies Of Bees – Customer CD
Corm – Audio Flame Kit CD
Decibully – Sing Out America! CD
Grampall Jookabox – Scientific Cricket CD
Headlights – Wildlife CD
Ida – My Fair, My Dark CDEP
Joan Of Arc – Boo! Human CD
Kyle Fischer – Open Ground CD
Love Is All – Two Thousand And Ten Injuries CD
Marmoset – Tea Tornado CD
Mates Of State – Team Boo CD
Rainer Maria – 1955 CDEP
Rainer Maria – Long Knives Drawn CD
The M’s – Real Close Ones CD
The Red Hot Valentines – Summer Fling CD
Volcano, I’m Still Excited!! – Volcano, I’m Still Excited!! CD
XBXRX – Sixth In SIxes CD
ZZZZ – Palm Reader CD


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Band Of Horses announce new album ‘Why Are You OK’

WSR favourites Band Of Horses have announced the upcoming release of their 5th studio album entitled ‘Why Are You OK’. The album will come out in June, but no specific release date has been announced for the bands first full length in almost four years.

Presently there only seems to be a 180g vinyl version announced, which we will almost certainly be stocking. Register your interest with us by sending us an email at or via the form on our Contact page.

Band Of Horses - Why Are You OK LP

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Insted – Proud Youth: 1986-1991 2xLP

Just managed to get a couple of copies of this superb Record Store Day 2016 release. Still only available as a Pre-Order due to RSD rules of not being able to sell online until April 23rd. Pre-Order now on the site or register your interest with us ASAP, these won’t last long!

Insted – Proud Youth: 1986-1991 2xLP
In their five-year existence, INSTED toured the USA several times and developed a huge local following at home in Orange County, CA. They were one of the most prominent straight-edge bands of the late ’80s scene, playing old school hardcore with an ultrapositive message.

This 2xLP retrospective is packed to capacity with every song the band ever recorded, 45 tracks in all! This includes both of their full-lengths, their EP, and their original demo. In addition, there are five tracks that only appear in this collection. This record comes with a free digital download and, in addition to all 45 tracks, includes a 30-minute video documentary about the band as well as a 30-minute video of their entire set filmed at the Showcase Theater from one of their reunion shows in 2004.

Insted - Proud Youth: 1986-1991 DLP
Insted – Proud Youth: 1986-1991 DLP
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Record Store Day 2016!

As you are probably aware Record Store 2016 will be on April 16th this year. We have a couple of items to pre-order from the huge list of releases available for 2016. Due to us being a brand new store, we didn’t quite make it in time with most of our distributors to order RSD releases this year. Fortunately for us, the fine folks at Big Scary Monsters allowed us to snag both of their superb releases.

First up is the Beach Slang – Broken Thrills picture disc LP, and secondly we have La Dispute – Tiny Dots LP on blue splatter vinyl!

Due to the RSD rules we can’t physically sell these until the week after RSD on the 23rd April. If you don’t want to stand in (the rather long lines) at your local independent record store on April 16th, you can purchase either of these releases right now from us at WSR, and they will be shipped out on Friday April 22nd.

Both items are listed on our Pre-Orders page, or click the individual covers below to find out more information and be taken directly to their respective order pages…..Thanks.

Beach Slang - Broken Thrills RSD 2016
Beach Slang – Broken Thrills RSD 2016
La Dispute - Tiny Dots LP
La Dispute – Tiny Dots LP







From the USA’s RSD releases we have Sense Field – Living Outside LP. In the wake of singer Jon Bunch’s recent death, this one is tinged with a hint of sadness. Released for the first time ever on vinyl by Spartan Records, and limited to 1000, our copies will be the most limited variant 100/1000 on Orange/Mustard/Mint vinyl. Unfortunately we can’t put this up for Pre-Order due to it shipping from the USA. If you are interested in this one, drop us a note and we will see what we can do. Click the cover for further release information.

Sense Field - Living Outside LP
Sense Field – Living Outside LP